Lady Luck? not according to this data.

A study carried out by online casino has found that lady luck is no longer the case with men being luckier than women in every day events such as finding mobile phones, car keys and coming out on top with games of chance.

The study found through correlation of data that men are more likely to win 45% of the time while women only win 39% of bets placed.

Men are more inclined to study the form of certain events and take the time to study the eventualities whereas women are more likely to place bets based on impulse which increases the probability of them losing.


Recent research has found that that the male brain is hardwired to find things which has been part of our evolvement through time. Hundreds of years ago men were the hunter-gathers searching for food, sometimes across vast landscapes and then backtracking to the den, it seems that luck might just be hard coded into the male brain. spokesperson said “Men are the ultimate finders when it comes to lost items but it’s swings and roundabouts as men are the ones who are more likely to have lost them in the first place”


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